Ready for my closeup.

Got the camera out and decided to do some food pics.

24MP shot of some stew I was starting for an overnight cook.
Manual focus shot with the macro lens.
Automatic focus shot with the macro as well. Love how you can pick out the flecks of chili powder.

iPhone camera.

Some shots of the pond at the hospital where the roommate is.

Caught a shot of a finger in the wild.
Can sort of see the bird in the water.
There is a squirrel under the tree in the shade.
A darker bird.
Another shot of the darker bird.
Another white one.


Edit:  I am redoing the gallery site so the pictures will be back up later.

Okay, I have all of the Carlsbad pictures up now. Not all of them came out as well as I wanted, but it was a great learning experience, as it allowed me to experiment with the really good all around lens that I bought. The descent pictures are not as good as they could have been in places, as I was using the built in flash when I could have gone without it. The big room ones have some that I took with and without flash to see the contrast.